I’ve always sensed that what I’m doing in my studio is a practice of expanding, rather than clarifying, ideas.

I’m thinking of something as wondrous or limitless as the mythology of Marco Polo.  How expansive that is… Or perhaps the tumbling formlessness of a thunderstorm’s hues. 

In sensing these things, something that has such great imaginative dimensions to it, I’ve found a deep sense of play that urges to be poked and prodded.  It’s a kind of play-delight that takes all of these artifacts and bits of data and builds new patterns, new logics even.  I wouldn’t hesitate to consider it a primal experience of language; feels like the dawn of ideas sometimes. 

I have always thought that this needs architecture. Architecture needed to hold these loose patterns together so I can sit with them, find faith in them. This architecture is some of what I think of as my sculptural practice.

It’s a practice of building a poetic archeology; permutations of material culture, mythologies, landscapes, and sculpture itself. They’re surveys of objects, forms and materials that script a kind of internal anthropology in its circuitry.

The substances and images I’m attracted to are filtered through my interests in notions of “the classical”, “the preserved”, “the artifact”, and “the mythic”; no doubt a result of my engagement with ceramics.

hair in the sun.jpg

b. milwaukee, wisconsin

Chadwick is an artist working in Brooklyn and in upstate New York.  He has earned his MFA in ceramics from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2004 and his BFA from the university of wisconsin at the Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2001.